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CT trip - Day 1

CLICK ME - This song is a perfect way to begin this entry as I predict I will be obsessing over it for the duration of my next trip.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.  Let me first tell you about my last trip.
Theme:  Abandoned Connecticut,
Song:  Britney Spears, “I wanna go” (don’t judge me!)
Duration: 2 days
The whole point of this trip was to see the antique car show at Lime Rock, CT ( and of course spend some time with someone. Well you’ll be somewhat happy to know that the that someone did not disappoint but Lime Rock sure did. Don’t get me wrong, the cars were SICK but maybe it was the muggy weather, maybe the fact that we took Rt 7 and stopped off to take pictures on our way or the fact that they had no ketchup to go with their surprisingly delicious hot dogs, but something was not working there. Long story short we got there when the actual event was over and only got to see the winning cars. I feel like I must go back to something I said earlier, as you are all stunned at what I said… YES!!! Do believe your eyes, they had NO Ketchup!!! Who runs out of ketchup?!
On a happier note, while driving on Rt 7 and not finding much other then the weird dam and taking a picture next to a sign that clearly states “No trespassing” and some abandoned houses, we did find Sculpturedale. Just take a look for yourselves -
Or check out my picture:

After this eventful hour we came upon one of the covered bridges of CT - West Cornwall Bridge. I have to admit, driving though one in a car is quiet magical. I don't think I need to tell you what came after this as we approached Lime Rock Park. Yes, I will be man (woman) enough to admit the cars as I said were dope but it was muggy and they DID NOT have ketchup.
We then proceeded to Collinsville, CT - "In 2009, Arthur Frommer named it “one of the top 10 coolest towns in America" and boy were we for a big suprise when we go there. It was abandoned! We saw 7 people on Main Street on a Sunday during Labor Day. However it did provide for some good photography.

Our eventful day ended at a seafood restaurant the name of which we do not remember but we did get to draw on tables with crayons and stare at an old couple who were head over heels for each other. I guess fairy tales do exist...
The so called fairy tale quickly turned into the ugly stepsister and the half eaten rotten apple ( I am aware those are 2 different fairy tales) as we entered the town of Waterbury. Let's just say Cinderella should definitely be home before the stroke of midnight! We stayed at a Marriott with a king size bed and really not much else matters. If you do venture out there, here is the address - 63 Grand Street, Waterbury CT 06702 and yes it looks exactly as depicted on its website. I can not be trusted when it comes to their breakfast as we slept through it. We got Dunkin Donuts across the street as our reward for sleeping in until 11 am.
Well boys and girls, this concludes the first day of my 21 day ago, CT trip. Since I am still employed full time, I am afraid I have to go to sleep but day #2 is coming soon.


  1. i can't believe they ran out of ketchup!! on a more serious note, I will make sure not to stay at Waterbury. Any suggestion for a place to stay?


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