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Miami Beach FL, way way back when

Actually back in 2002. My first trip as an adult was Miami Beach, FL. Funny side note as I write about my first trip to Florida, I realize my last trip this past March was also to Florida. Coincidence? A sign? True destiny? What do you all think?
Back to Miami: I can assure you Miami Beach in 2002 was very different than it is now. I haven't been in quiet some time but I can only imagine, that and well I've heard things. I went there with PS (as in initials not Postscript) and we had a great time, at least that's what my photos say. I still remember where we stayed although again I am pretty sure it has been remodeled plenty.
If you are looking to spend less than $$$$ and don't mind staying further up (all the way up up up) on infamous Collins Ave then Holiday Inn is right for you
3.5 Star hotel with over 2300 reviews on Trip Advisor and only 122 of them are terrible. At a glance most complain about restaurants but it's Miami Beach, there are plenty of restaurants!
For fun nightlife you MUST go here - it appears to have been around forever but all these years later I can guarantee you a great time. And if you don't have a great time, what do I know? I am just some girl sitting in front of a computer writing out her adventures for the whole world to see (at least I hope the whole world sees).
For day time fun and when you can't sit by the pool or on the beach anymore (personally that never happens to me) go to . Seventeen years later and I still remember these folks, they must be doing something right. I also remember a boat ride along the Millionaire's Row and the views (below) - to die for!

I have to tell you that although I fully realize that no matter how fun my travels were prior to 2015-2016, they cannot offer a lot of where to eat, where to stay and what to do but I think it's a great way for us to get to know each other and for me to re-live all my adventures and I want you alongside me.
This trip was simple and probably short and I was not even old enough to legally buy a drink but all this time later it holds a special place in my heart. Lesson for today is: you don't always need to go big - sometimes it's the simple things in life with the right person by your side and a great attitude.

P.S. (Postscript not initials) I promise you, inspirational lessons of the day are not my thing and you don't have to stick around for them, unless you are into that kinda thing & then I can keep them coming.

As always,

Daydream and wander


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