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Our journey begins AGAIN

Hi old friend! To say it's been a while is an understatement. Who knew I had this blog going all the way to 2011 (also pretty much the same time this blog died). But that's, as they say, is in the past. I now invite you to the whole new, revamped blog 2.0.
In the time I've spent away from here, I've traveled to several countries, probably even more states and have managed to move 700+ miles away and then a year later right back (can definitely give you some pointers on where to catch the greatest sunset on your way from NY to IL and other way around).
You are probably wondering why I am going on and on about my life instead of telling you where to go on your next adventure. Well, I am glad you asked (you didn't really ask, did you?).
I want this space to be for us to daydream and wander (see what I did there). For us to get to know each other, for you to know why I travel, photograph and explore things and places. My travels aren't always lush and filled with never ending ocean views, but they are always 100 % real, affordable and attainable. I don't just want to tell you where to find a ★★★★★ resort but also tell where you shouldn't go.

If any of this sounds good, subscribe to my blog and lets wander together!


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