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NYC in 72 hours

Hey! Long time no... read?!
If you are anything like me and have either traveled to other countries or went on an organized trip, or lived somewhere else or just know people in other places, every now and then (for those of you who have not heard yet Now and Then is now available on Netflix which if you have once been a tween girl, is literally the top 3 best news you can ever receive) you might have some out of town visitors, I know I have!! Ever since I was in my teens someone whether it be a relative, a friend, friends with their new spouse or an ex-bf of mine at some point all have spent a weekend (or longer) in NYC while I frantically looked for cool things to do. I usually stick to a the same itinerary every single time but eventually it gets old and I have to update the weekend plans. So to make your life easier here goes 4 days in NY exploring parts of Brooklyn, Williamsburg and Manhattan.
My friend was in NY for the first time (I know! It's NY! I could not believe there are still people who have never been in NY!) and I needed something to not tire her out but yet wow her with all we have to offer although as I look back at it, it was a pretty jam packed 4 days. 
She arrived early morning on Thursday and landed at LaGuardia and since no one in their right mind actually enjoys the drive to LaGuardia Airport I decided to use up this opportunity and check out a brunch spot in Williamsburg since it's not somewhere I venture out often and it happened to be on my way home. If you've been reading my blogs, you've probably picked up on the fact that Brunch is very important to me, I personally consider it the most important meal of the day especially when one can brunch on a weekday. Weekday brunch is somewhat of a luxury to me as most days I am busy busy busy working... Back to brunch, so The Bedford - I didn't make reservations but it since it was a middle of the day work day in the beginning of June, the place was not crowded and after sitting indoors for about 10 minutes, we were able to get a table outside on their adorable back patios. Cute, charming, excellent food, great coffee - what else do you need first thing in the morning?
After a hearty meal I took her to one of my top 3 fav places in NYC. I am not sure why I like it so much but what I do know is that it changed so much over the years but it remains as wonderful as ever. Brooklyn Bridge Pier 1 - it has skyline views, an ice cream parlor and of course Brooklyn Bridge which appears to be within a hand's reach. We got ice cream which also served as lunch and found a nice spot on the grass and just enjoyed the summer sun beaming down on us. One regret I have is should have brought my dog, he would have loved rolling in the grass and sniffing all the children.
After frolicking (favorite word ever) in the sun we headed home which is in Brooklyn to change, hang and if you know anything about me by now you can guess to post on social media.
After trying to decide on dinner, we figured we'd wing it and headed downtown to FiDi. My friend took the obligatory picture with the Bull (go later in the day, less tourists), then walked to Trinity Church which was closed, walked by Crunch Fidi which is where I once upon a time worked out with my sister, walked through crowds of college Interns on cobblestone Stone Street and finally settled on a BBQ joint to eat outside.
North Cove Marina
We took a long way to the train and made our way through the Battery Park being illuminated by the breathtaking sunset over the North Cove Marina. Walked around the Infinity Pools, and gazed at the Freedom Tower ( did not go inside, as I have already previously done that, probably should make a post about that as well)
All in all lots of walking but pretty successful afternoon.
Onto day 2: I can't recall the breakfast part but that's because I am pretty sure we we ate at home to save money and time but after coffee and fueling on food we took on the city. Our itinerary looked something like this...
- Central Park - hang out on the lawn and soak up the sun after getting some ice cream and crepes at a stand. We started out on the West side somewhere in the 80s. After getting all the sun we could handle and walking through to the East side occasionally stopping to take pictures by low bridges and green trees we found ourselves on the steps of The Met. This blog is quickly shaping up to reference lots of teenage movies/shows. The steps of The Met !!! Well, Hello Gossip Girl!! Also did you know Gossip Girl is getting a reboot although none of the original case are starring which is a great disappointment to us all. He might be a terrible human but I am forever team Blair & Chuck.
- The Met - if you've never been  I definitely suggest you go. If you've been, maybe go again?! I have gone to the Met more times than I care to remember but this was the first time I've gone to the Rooftop at The Met. If there is a rooftop, leave it to me to find it. What an amazing experience, great photos and stunning views. For more info: The Met roof or Visit Met.
Rooftop @ The Met
- After the Met we walk on ever so famous 5th Ave and window shopped the displays of Bergdorf Goodman and Stuart Weitzman. Stuart Weitzman shoes are beyond comfortable, I have 1 pair of 5 inch heeled booties which I probably wore for 2 winters non stop and not only did they look scorching hot but my feet were so  happy as well. Anyway, all the imaginary shopping got us so tired that we stopped over to have dinner at Faces and Names. One word: Amazing sliders (ok, 2 words).
Rockefeller Centere
- After being properly fueled on food we decided to see everything NYC has to offer. So as any good host would do, I showed all the important sites that include Rockefeller Center, soft serve ice cream from the truck and Bryant Park. After having bought a new pair of keds because wearing sandals all day was not a great idea, we finally got on the train as we were pretty exhausted.
Day 3:
- Breakfast! Bagel Boy in South Brooklyn - the bagels will change your life. That is not their official slogan but it should be. Those bagels accompanied me and my friends on many road trips including extra bagels for days to Chicago and Cape Cod.
- Coney Island - in late spring or early summer take the food and eat outside on one of the benches. Coney island in my opinion is definitely a New York landmark especially if you are a fan of Requiem for a Dream. Who can forget the chilling song? Named one of the most depressing movies ever made, it still remains my top 3 fav! (Scroll all the way to the bottom for a trailer (at your own risk)).
- Highline -  There is so much I can tell you about Highline as it is my favorite place in the city (lots of favorites in here), but it's so much more fun if you go explore on your own! Check out the Chelsea Market below - tons of food options, jewelry places and even vinyl records.
We went to Nolita and apparently missed the memo that for Rubirosa you have to get reservations so we ended up going to this pizza joint and it was great!
All in all what a lovely, exhausting weekend but if you ask me makes for a great long weekend itinerary if you are having out of towners over or if you just want to explore New York.

Have fun and enjoy the rest of the summer. Personally, I cannot wait for fall!

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